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Інтернет-магазин «Айкон» Ваш онлайн-маркет корисних подарунків та товарів за доступною ціною!

Online Shop "Aikon» Exclusive backgammon, chess and hand-made souvenirs

Online Shop "Aikon» Exclusive backgammon, chess and hand-made souvenirs


Dear visitors to our internet - shop of original and exclusive gifts with your hands. We are sure to find for itself exclusive handmade souvenirs. Our main focus is making handmade backgammon, backgammon then you buy small, just call them travel backgammon it is convenient to carry on any vacation, because they are compact. We manufacture medium backgammon, they are suitable for home or for a gift you know, produce and great backgammon, home - those backgammon, which are used only for the home, as well there are a series of collectible backgammon, you do not look for anywhere else. And so about backgammon, we've already been told. Let's move in chess, chess is a popular game that is played by small and old, we are producing a series of exclusive chess, chess - Backgammon - Checkers 3 in 1, only man-carving, no tools. If you have lost a backgammon chips or cubes playing do not worry, our store has a special section where you buy more chips to backgammon dice and set by hand on any taste. Here you will buy for themselves many exclusive gifts such as judicial hammers also called auction hammers, maces Ukrainian souvenir, decorative wooden butterfly wooden podstavochki with personal inscriptions, exclusive wooden carved photo frames, frames for paintings, original boats in glass bottles , mini bars souvenir. Here you will find a reference carved walking stick, the handle of which depict various animals: an eagle, a bear, a tiger, an elephant and a simple classic cane. A huge selection of beads, in the presence of two types of beads: clear flip - a path, then iterative rosary of beads - classic. We produce a lot of original models of ships for home decor. A set of wooden products for the kitchen - bread bins, cutting boards, kitchen stools, tables for kitchens in solid wood. We have a series of chess tables with decorative wood carvings, wooden furniture - coffee tables, wooden stand for flowers, chandeliers, wooden panels with wood carving, children's wooden chairs. Original souvenir figurines made of gypsum, and more. Tel. MTS +38 (066) -374-44-12 KYIVSTAR +38 (098) -047-39-28 CALL! LIFE +38 (063) -622-99-42


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